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GCSE Engineering Resources


The following are cover sheets to help you organise and record all evidence for your GCSE.  For each GCSE Engineering Unit all the requirements are listed on a sheet that you can put into your folder. You have to show where you have used the skills and knowledge in your work.


DESIGN TOPIC             UNIT 1                 UNIT 2              UNIT 3

                                   Design & Graphical       Engineered              Application of
                                             Communication            Products                   Technology

Aerodynamic Design                •                  □                       •

Axle Design                            •                  •                       □

Body-shell Design                    •                  □                       •

Exhaust Design                        □                 •                        □

Chassis Design                         •                  •                        □

Stub Axle Design                      □                 •                       □

Teamwork & Presentation         •

Team Marketing                       •

Graphics                                  •

Logo Design                             •

• = core coverage    □ = some coverage


How to use cover sheets:

When you are working on your projects fill in each line to say where you have covered that skill or knowledge element. Indicate which part of the project covers each particular element. e.g.


Material Removal          Milling; Chassis plate, engine mount

                                Etching; PCB circuit for speed controller

                                Grinding; Investigate how bearings are manufactured

                                Drilling; Drilling of chassis plate and radio tray


Unit One A

Unit One B

Unit Two A

Unit Two B


Engineering Drawings for modified electric car:

Front Beam       Motor Mount      Rear Axle       Stub House OS       Drive Wheel

Stub House NS       Drive Flange

Click here to download drawings



Clutching At Straws?

Need some help with clutch setup? Click on the image to get some essential advice

The Leo engine is now unavailable and we have had to find an alternative. Having searched for a suitable replacement we are now using the STS 21E.

This brings about the first significant change to the engine style since the start of Formula Schools.

Engine Spec;

Cylinder: 3.48cc Bore: 16.20mm / Stroke:16.80mm

Crankshaft : 14mm SG type

Carburettor : 2 Needles Slide 8 mm Piston / Sleeve : ABC 3 port

Clutch Set-up

The new engine has an SG crank which means that the clutch bell is mounted in a slightly different way.

In order that we can keep the belt drive system the drum we supply will need two M3 washers on the end of the crank-shaft, this is to stop the retaining bolt from tightening the clutch drum onto the crankshaft. See diagram and engine instructions (in the box) for greater detail. A good modification would be to increase the belt width to 1/2?, if you are interested in a clutch and pulley to suit please e-mail us.